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Imagine Dragons Tour 2015 Coming To An Arena Near You!

One of the newest groups to blow up in the rock scene has been playing show after show for a while now. Ever since their hit song “Radioactive” took the world by storm their popularity has exploded! The Imagine Dragons tour is constantly evolving and they always give the fans a high-energy show that you won’t soon forget.

All Scheduled Dates For The Upcoming Concerts Are Right Here

If ID puts out any more dates for the 2015 or 2016 schedule, we will be sure to immediately put links on our site. If you want to get the full scoop in constant updates for their concerts, be sure to check back often. As of right now here is the entire list of their shows below.

The Imagine Dragons Tour Brings You One Of The Worlds Hottest Rock Groups

Although it seems like business as usual in a lot of ways for the guys from Imagine Dragons, there’s no denying that things have gotten a bit crazy over the last few years for the band. Their popularity saw a sharp increase when their “Night Visions” album became a nationwide hit thanks to the popularity of their hit single “Radioactive”. The full group was incredibly surprised that they saw such soaring success from their 2012 release.

They say that full thing felt kind of like a blur in the sense that they didn’t have much time to think out their next move. They were constantly on the move going from venue to venue while at the same time trying to create new music. It seems like they found all of this success overnight, then they understand why the media and fans might think that they showed up out of nowhere, and it is true that their popularity has increased sharply within the last three years, but they’ve actually been a band for seven years total.

A Long Hard Road To Stardom

By looking at the type of venues that Imagine Dragons plays now, you might think that they’ve been living the easy life the whole time they’ve been together, but it’s not true. It took them quite a while to find their distinct sound that you hear so refined and polished today. Lots of experimentation with their sound, and playing gigs nonstop at places like lounges, casinos, and birthday parties they were eventually able to get a break. Believe it or not they were even the opening act for a mime one time!

Here they are rocking the crowd like no other!

No matter how low to the ground a gigs seemed, they always said yes. There was not a single opportunity that they declined. A major reason why they were finally able to come together as a band and hone their unique sound is from the many months they put into playing show after show in Las Vegas. Nothing can replace experience, and that’s exactly what they found on the stage in Vegas. All that time performing ads up.

The Smoke And Mirrors Tour Is Finally The Show They Hoped To Put On

For the first time in their careers both the audio and the visuals of the show really came together just the way they wanted to. The production values match any other act currently on the road today. Now is the time to get your seats by buying some Imagine Dragons tickets today!

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